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Won't you think life could have been easy if we were born lucky or not have to face any sorts of problems, either in our personal and professional lives? Sadly, this never happens. You may be the luckiest person in this world, but still there are times in your life where you find yourself in an awkward position and you seek some tips to get out of it. It doesn't matter whether the tip you are seeking is small or big. Even a tip of a nice and exotic place for a vacation that suits your taste and budget can make your holiday enjoyable and memorable. However, there is some exception in seeking tips. First, you need to approach the right person who could really provide his/her valuable tips. Otherwise, things will be messed up if taken from a wrong place or person. This site, www.49tips.com is dedicated in providing tips to all those who are in need of tips for health, money, finance, travel, shopping, etc

What is 49tips.com?

49tips.com is a website which provides unique tips from various users around the world on various topics. The range of topics covered in this website is diverse and from widespread fields of arts, science, health, recreation and the list goes on. If you ever are confused with something and you need some tips to help you out, this site will guide you in clearing almost all of your doubts. The articles submitted by users are reviewed before they are posted here

No man is perfect, but different people have different types of knowledge in different fields. This is due to the society they live in and the interests they have. So if you don't have knowledge about a particular thing, you may have a better knowledge of something else. So just an exchange of ideas can help all the people live a better life. This is what this site aims to do. Submit your articles here if you think you have something new that you can share with the world or search for tips you need for yourself. It is beneficial both the ways. If you submit an article and it is informative, it will be uploaded on this site along with your name. We also pay the writers for the articles. The payment rules are discussed at the bottom of the page.

If you have some unique tips to share with us, please do let us know. We would be more than happy to include it in our database with your name.

Happy writing, then!

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How to Get Started?

So, you are keen to share some of your valuable tips with us but confused on how to begin? Be assured that it is very easy to provide ideas and tips on this site. You have to simply choose a category that is related to what you want to write on. If you have some tips on making shopping a delightful experience, then you can choose that category and submit them there. If you have plethora of ideas, then you can make multiple submissions, much to the delight of our ardent readers! It would soon be the case that your articles and tips would be looked forward to!

Tips on How to Write Great Articles

We agree that writing on our site is very easy but how to ensure that your articles really stand out? Before beginning to write here, ask yourself if you are writing for an exclusive section of people or on a general topic that might appeal many people, but soon be obsolete. Such a brainstorming is apt if you are keen to have money churning out from what you have written! Writing on topics that remain young and evergreen anytime of the day would naturally generate more interest, compared to writing on shopping for fashion accessories. Fashion styles change quite often, you see! Take particular care of grammar and spellings and of course the length of the articles. A good quality article must neither run into pages nor be as short as a 200-worded one!

Happy writing, then!

You said; I can earn money. How?

49tips.com is being run by its contributors only by providing some great tips. 49tips.com is a revenue sharing place. We share 60% of the adsense revenue we earn from each page with the writer of the content. You just provide your adsense code while submitting the tips and see the money flowing into your adsense account.

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