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Tips to Keep the Basement Warm

Submitted By: Jeff Clark in Home Tips category

In order to avoid expensive repair and structural damage in your home, you have to make some efforts to keep your basement warm especially during winters. If you don’t keep your basement warm, you will face many problems like fungus, mold and mildew, and can create health issues like asthma and allergies among family members. To be secured from this, here are some tips to keep the basement warm that can help you.

Tips to Keep the Basement Warm

  • Many times, landscapes around your house are blamed for water accumulation around the foundation. Make sure that the ground slopes are from your home, and that water does not form puddles around the foundation.

  • Add sealing holes and insulation. This will give the wall some thickness that can help to seal the temperature within the room and stop moisture. As the basement can remain the least used space in a home, it may not have adequate insulation.

  • If your home does not have the facility to collect rain water and melted snow, then make sure that you install downspouts and gutters. Downspouts must be at least 5 to 6 feet away from the building structure and that water is directed to a safe place far from the house.

  • Put rugs or carpet on the floor. A basement has cemented floor or hardwood. You can consider placing carpet on top to give the floor warmness. If it has hardwood floors, you can add rugs throughout the basement floor. Plus, your feet will also be happy.

  • Windows of basement collect waters and keep hold of it if not constructed properly. Metal window wells covered with gravel or pebbles can prevent retention of water effectively and can stop the leakage through frames of windows to the basement walls.

  • If you have extra area in the basement, make sure that you don’t use it to dry clothes. It results to humidity and moisture in the surroundings. You can use the dryer or can dry clothes outdoors on sunny days.

  • Cold water pipes can make condensation due to moisture on the surface. By insulating the water pipes such problem can be avoided, and make sure that there are no further problems or leaks in the plumbing.

  • Check out the basement and make a list of things that what needs to be improved. Check for insulation, holes or cracks. Basement inspection will give you an idea to make a plan that must be followed in order to add or improve things to make basement warmer during winter.

  • You can use heaters. If you don’t want to add vents for central heating in the basement, you can use baseboard heaters. It will run along the baseboard of the floor to give heat. When you make it warm, you can turn it into a playroom, or an extra bedroom.

To keep the basement warm, you must add some amenities to it. By adding carpet, insulation and sealing the cracks throughout the basement floor and walls, you can provide appropriate heating for the inside. This will make it easier to protect from winter for months. If you still find some difficulty in keeping your basement warm, you can anytime refer to these tips to keep the basement warm.

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