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Safety Tips to Bullet Proof your Home

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A safe home is very important to ensure the safety of you and your family. There are many security equipments that help in making a home safe. Equipments such as surveillance cameras, security fence, motion sensors, digital locks and flood lights. But if all this isn’t sufficient in safeguarding your home then you may think of bullet proofing your home for maximum safety. Here are some tips that will help you in making your home bullet proof.

  • Homes that are built with non-masonry materials such as wood offer very little resistance to bullets allowing it to cut through the wall due to the high velocity it travels in. This is because such walls are covered with plaster on both sides. To maximize the safety of your walls, build your home with bricks or concrete blocks. Especially use bricks for the interior walls. This will make your walls sturdier and will offer more resistance to bullets.

  • Materials such as steel, aluminum and vinyl may offer low maintenance solutions to the exterior walls of your house, but it offers very low resistance to bullets. It is best to use stucco material for the exterior walls as it is one of the best bullet proofing solutions for the exterior walls of your home. It comes in two varieties, cement based and epoxy based and both offer very good resistance to bullets. It is also fairly easy to repair and repaint if at all required.

  • The normal door in any household does nothing to resist bullets. Even if you have doors made up of aluminum or steel exterior, it will not provide any safety against bullets. You could purchase a security door that is bullet proof for your home. But this requires you shelling out a lot of money. An alternative, would be is to upgrade your doors by affixing protective plates in front of the door. You can use armored tempered steel for this purpose. You can also use bullet proof fiber glass and panels as an alternative. To be able to carry the extra weight, you will need to change the hinges of your doors - use ball bearing hinges or piano hinges.

  • Windows are the next thing that you will need to bullet proof. Use bullet proof glass for your windows. Typically a bullet proof window must consist of panes that are at least an inch thick and have frames made up of durable metal such as steel. If this solution seems to be out of your budget then, you could install tensile strength plastic on the window exteriors for bullet proofing the windows. This solution is less expensive and offers resistance to bullets of only small caliber guns.

These are some bullet proof safety tips that you can make use of while planning to bullet proof your home. These tips discusses in detail about how to make your house bullet proof, by only making a few changes to your home.

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