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Food Tips for Piles Patient

Submitted By: John Smith in Health Tips category

Piles are the most common ailments today. It is an inflamed condition of veins that are located outside or inside the rectum. In case of external piles, there is lot of pain and less bleeding. While, in case of internal piles there is lot of bleeding from the veins. In few cases, the veins burst and this is known as bleeding piles. Piles depend on the type of food eaten. Improper and faulty food habits can cause piles. There are some food tips for piles patient.

Piles problems are common among most of the people and if they are treated on time, they can be cured permanently. Piles is a not a disease, but it is a type of condition that is caused due to irregular eating habits. Diets that are deficient in fiber and higher in fats can cause piles. Apart from the diet causes, there are many other factors that cause piles. The exertion of extreme pressure on veins in the anal region that makes them inflamed is one of the causes for piles. Obesity also contributes in development of piles.

Constipation is the one of the factor that causes piles. Piles make the stool passage excruciating which is painful. In some of the cases, it is necessary to take laxatives or visit a doctor. Curing piles is not the solution for such type of problem. It is necessary to change your lifestyle and eating habits. Include more amounts of fiber rich food and water to prevent piles.

Food Tips for Piles Patient

  • To avoid constipation, consume food which is rich in fiber like vegetables, fruits, etc. Cereals, pulses and oats too are essential for piles patient as this type of diet will facilitate bowel movements.

  • Do not eat spicy food, sweets, refined food, sugar, oily, non vegetarian, junk foods, canned foods, coffee and other caffeinated beverages. These foods are harmful for the piles patient.

  • For better palatability, include foods like garlic, ginger, radish, onions, beetroots, bitter gourd, and buttermilk. Soak 3-4 figs in water overnight. Eat those in early morning on an empty stomach. The soluble fibers present in figs are helpful for bowel movements.

  • Avoid consumption of alcohol and smoking. These produce lot of heat in your body which can again be harmful for piles. Include your diet with fruit juices like mango, lime, papaya, cherry and figs. Intake of raw foods can harm the digestion system which will indirectly cause piles. So steaming of light cooking of vegetables is recommended for piles patient. Increase the intake of sour foods like raspberries, blackberries, grapes, tangerines, yogurt, cheese, sauerkraut, vinegar, olives, crab, apples, sour plums, aduki beans, lemons, tomatoes, limes, etc.

  • Intake of fluids in diet will help to cure piles. Drink minimum of eight glasses of water every day. Water helps for bulkier and softer stools that improves bowel movement and decreases the pressure on veins.

Avoid white bread, rice, and pastries as these refined foods can disturb your digestive system. These food tips for piles patient will help to cure and decrease the pressure on veins and thus, prevent piles.

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