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How to Increase the IQ Level of Kids

Submitted By: Mojo Nichols in Education Tips category

IQ means Intelligence Quotient which measures brainpower and intelligence. The I.Q level can determine the person’s destiny in life regarding their career to their hobbies. IQ levels play a major role in life of adults as well as children. You can increase the IQ level of your children. Most of the parents do not know how to increase the IQ level of kids and find that increasing IQ level is difficult. In fact, increasing the IQ level is simple. Studies have observed and found that environment and genetics play a major role in development of IQ level in children.

IQ tests were developed in France in 1900s. These tests helped to find the learning impairments in kids. Here are some tips on how to increase the IQ level of kids.

  • The basic step towards increasing IQ level is by providing your kid with care and nutrition. Feed your kid with food that is free of colorings, dyes, artificial flavors and preservatives. According to researches, children who eat balanced healthy diet can increase their IQ up to 14 to 15 percent.

  • Breastfeeding your child when he/she is an infant will help to develop IQ level. Kids who are breastfed have IQ level eight points more than non-breast fed children. If your child is not breastfed, then make sure you kid is provided with lot of nutritious food and physical attention. Breastfeeding your kid will increase the IQ level partly because it gives feelings of affection, closeness and safety that are essential to reach important cognitive milestones.

  • Be alert in your child’s education. Enroll your child in school early because kids who go to school at an early age have higher IQ levels. Make sure your kid attends school regularly. Poor attendance is the sign of low IQ level.

  • Promote various activities that will help to develop mental stimulation. As kids grow older, they develop language abilities and cognitive skills. Keep your child engaged by providing with reading material. Keep them engaged in activities that can stimulate them educationally. Puzzles, various games, math problems, trips to museum, etc. help to develop IQ level in kids.

  • Help you kid to develop a sense of self- esteem and independence. Value your kid’s unique abilities and qualities by praising them which will increase their confidence level. The other main reason to increase your kid’s IQ level is reading to your children. This step plays a major role in IQ levels. Reading helps to improve their language skills and attention which affects the IQ levels. A musical soothing environment is vital in increasing the IQ level during their preschool years.

  • Logical games like chess and checkers, word problems and mathematical puzzles provide mental exercise which helps to increase IQ levels. Physical activities also increase IQ levels. Physical movements increase blood flow to the brain. This enhances the delivery of brain’s fuel known as oxygen. This increases the IQ level.

These simple points will give you an answer on how to increase the IQ level of kids.

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