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Money Plant Care Tips

Submitted By: Jeff Clark in Home Tips category

Lunaria annua or Silver Dollar / Money Plant / Honesty Plant are popular garden border plants all over the US. Money plant gets its name from its seed pods which look like silver coins. These plants are about one to three feet in height and are easy to care for. Here are some important money plant care tips to help you keep them healthy and flourishing.

  1. The money plant can grow in any kind of soil, even unfertile ones. The only criteria necessary is that the soil must have good drainage. Soil that will ensure healthy growth will contain a mixture of sandy soil (more) and clay (less).

  2. Fertilization once during the growing months may be required.

  3. When Lunaria flowers the garden looks beautiful with pretty and wonderfully smelling purple and white blooms in the spring and summer months. However, the first summer after introducing the seed does not show any flowering. Hence, be patient.

  4. The plant prefers shade. However, some hours of direct sun is also required for healthy growth.

  5. Lunaria needs water to establish well into the soil during the initial two years. Water regularly and try not to pour more water than required. A well-drained soil helps in keeping the soil moist as well as without extra water.

  6. Make sure the money plant is free from any decay or disease. It is good to weed out the diseased set of plants from the root so that the disease does not spread to the adjoining plants.

  7. The money plant can get infested with fungi and bacteria and may cause symptoms of leaf spots. You can identify the symptoms by the patchy black or brown with yellow rim appearance. Fungicides can be used in such a situation. The infested plants must be taken out and the soil must be scrapped away in case of any residual fungi and bacteria.

  8. To continue a healthy set of money plants in your garden you must cover the soil with plant and vegetable residue – called as mulch – to boost its productivity and conserve the moisture in soil. This must be done before winter begins to maintain the biennial flowering of the plant.

  9. If you desire to do away with the money plant you must remove the plants before seeds are shed.

  10. The seeds appear in the summer months, in July and August. They can self propagate. Many a times they start growing uncontrollably. You might want to weed out the extra.

  11. The seed-pods of the money plant look like silver dollars when the outer layer is rubbed, hence the common name. These are used in flower decorations.

  12. Lunaria plants can also be grown in pots indoors. Sow the seeds one and a half months before winter ends. Germination takes about two weeks. Replant the seedlings 35 centimeters apart for nice growth.

Follow these money plant care tips to embellish your garden with beauty and fragrance and also adorn your indoors with the silver dollar shaped seed pods.

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