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Importance of Field Trips in Education

Submitted By: John Smith in Education Tips category

Field trip is a group trip for which students are taken out away from their normal environment. Normally, schools take their students to places of education and observation. This can be a museum or an old historical place. Trips provide outside world experience to the students. It also helps them have some practical knowledge. Students get a chance to observe the subject in the natural state and possibly collect some samples. Field trips also make students feel like coming to school due to the interest they feel while visiting different places when they go for a trip. Therefore, there is much importance of field trips in education.

Importance of Field Trips in Education

Field trips increase social skills of children. During trips, many of the times, children have to interact with other people and children from other schools. This helps them to develop their social activity. Trips make the children exposed to the world and they develop practical skills of dealing with things. Normally, children don’t get to meet new people other than their family and relatives. This makes them self centered and they may not know how to talk with strangers. Trips give them opportunity for public interaction. Moreover, the daily routine life of children makes them attached to the same situations that they may come across every day. It makes them confined to a boundary. If you want your child to get out of the boundaries and be a socially active person in future, you need to provide social exposure.

Theoretical knowledge through books and internet can only provide them the information, but it won’t provide them practical knowledge. Till they don’t have any practical knowledge, they won’t be able to grasp it well as well as they won’t be able to implement it in their life. As a whole we can say that theoretical knowledge can only make them feed with knowledge that is useless. Actual experience of things makes them actually know what it means and where can they apply them. Practical knowledge is something that makes children strong at their base. After they get practical exposure, they will be able to discuss it with more confidence and accuracy. Generally, there are topics and subjects which cannot be explained to children unless they have a practical experience.

Many of the parents may take their children to zoos, museums, parks etc., but some of them are not bothered about taking their kids for any travel. This makes them confined to their house and school boundary. Field trips by schools give them a chance to go out and explore the world. Teachers can also provide relevant information to the children about the places that they visit and the lessons that they learn. When they go to any historical place, you can get them to learn about the place through the guides. Field trips also enhance the curriculum activities of the children.

Field trips also provide the children a chance to have fun with teachers. Recreation is necessary to have a healthy state of mind. Thus, trips are very helpful in bringing children out of the daily routine that stresses their mind. Therefore, it is not necessary that the trip is an educational one. Whenever, there are vacations, children can be taken for tours. It can be at the end of the year as a celebration or any such occasion that you would like to celebrate with the children.

Above were discussed the importance of field trips in education. After going through the above discussion, you can easily know the importance of field trips.

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