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How Can I Grow Fast in Organizational Hierarchy

Submitted By: Jeff Clark in Career Tips category

Most of the times, employees may think that they can reach to their desired level in an organization through some shortcuts. However, there is no such way to hit your target. It may seem to you that you can easily climb up the organizational ladder by better connections and networking, but in reality they don' t work out. There are instances when people move to higher posts using their links with other officials within the organization. However, the circumstances that they are in may not be the same for you. Just trying to follow someone else' s path may not work as you can plan your actions but not that of others. Life is something that you live according to, what it brings in front of you. Moreover, just being in a position is not the only thing that you need. More than that you need to have the required knowledge and skills that make you sustain to that post. Below are some tips that can be used to climb up in an organization.

How Can I Grow Fast in Organizational Hierarchy

Leadership: If you have just entered the organization and are a newbie, this may not seem intuitive to you. One cannot work as a leader by being at the lowest level of a hierarchy . This thought is true to some extent as there are limitations to people at lower levels;. but then it is not that you cannot utilize your leadership quality. To be a leader you need to be co-operative and supportive to your co-workers. You need to take that stand. Try to motivate and inspire your colleagues. The circumstances in your office may not be the same all times; however you have to cope up with the situation and act smoother during the hardest times.

Leadership quality doesn' t mean that you need to be instructive. You are not the boss to act so. Even the bosses are not people ordering their subordinates. They just let you know your responsibilities. So, it' s better to take charge. Now, what does it mean? It means that you need to understand your responsibilities on your own. You don' t need to wait for your superior to literally instruct you. If you know what you have to do, take initiative and do it yourself.

Create Ideas: New and innovative ideas are welcomed greatly in any organization. Ideas are considered in the same way as currency in the business world. You can suggest ideas to your superior regarding ways to improve the productivity, and the ways to motivate the staff members in the office. However, you need to take care that you don' t go to your superiors every now and then with new ideas. You need to act smart. Even a junior can come up with an idea, and if it has something worth you as an experienced employee can use it in a proper way for organizational benefit.

Hard Work: Hard work has always been a much needed requirement for achievements and success in any field of life. It has been seen that people desire to achieve a lot but do not work hard enough. They lack dedication in their work and just are in search of opportunities that may make them seem better than the others. You should understand this fact that if you want to grow in an organization, you will have to show your dedication towards the organization through hard work. More than just working hard, you may also need to sacrifice some of your personal desires. Sacrifices and risks are something that people need to handle if they want to reach the place they aspire to.

Often, people may talk about connections related to promotions in the organization. It may happen in some cases but as discussed above, all of us do not have the same circumstances. If you have the caliber and you show it through your work, the managers will surely consider you ahead of all other people with connections. The reason is that a manager is first of all an organizational body and therefore he would surely consider you if you deserve an opportunity. Moreover, people who reach such positions with the help of references may not sustain to the post for long.

Hope that the above information answers your question as to how can I grow fast in organizational hierarchy.

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