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Things to Remember while Buying Plastic Containers for Kitchen

Submitted By: Jeff Clark in Home Tips category

Kitchenware includes everything from small dishes and bowls to large containers. Everyone has a different view on what should be there in the kitchen. Though the list of such items is as long as China-wall, there are some things which are common and found in every kitchen. Gone are the days when our grand-parents used to store and serve food in jars, bowls, dishes, and containers made up of glass. The days are certainly gone, but made a way for newer and simplistic methods of managing the kitchen. Olden people had time, which we hardly get. So from kitchen to dining and from bedroom to hall almost everything that occupies is either there because we want to save time and energy. Off course some things are there for entertainment. But if you really think hard on our needs and wants, you would come to a conclusion that we want to save either time or energy.

The invention of plastic is very much synchronized with the need of having cheap, easy to handle, and maintenance-free material in our home, eventually lessening the time and energy. The use of plastic in our houses is rising day-by-day. The plastic is replacing other materials in the making of various products. We have managed to save time, energy, and money, but have we compensated our health for that? Is plastic killing our health? Well, with some conditions plastic is good; however, you need to know where in your kitchen you should be avoiding the plastic. Here we have summed up the things to remember while buying plastic containers for kitchen.

You may wonder why plastic is so much debated and why should one be worried about plastic so much? The first thing you need to remember that it is not some dirty politics against plastic making companies. The effects of plastic are very well documented and studied by experts all around the world. Some plastic products have BPA content. BPA aka Bisphenol A is a chemical mixed with the plastic products. This chemical is considered to have life-threatening characteristics. The use of BPA is banned in some countries, whereas it is very much allowed in most of the countries. When plastic is heated or suppressed, the BPA is released into the food. Apart from these facts, there are some other things to remember while buying plastic containers for kitchen that you must consider.

  • Try to replace the plastic containers in microwave with glass ones if you can. Under the excessive heat, the BPA leaches into the liquid.

  • Acidic fluids in plastic bottles and containers cause leach of BPA in the food, so try using the glass vessels.

  • Do not buy products that have visible wear like scratches and opaque tint

If you keep these things in mind and purchase the plastic containers and bags, you may avoid the risk of getting exposed to the deadly chemical called BPA. You have to make extra efforts to skip the plastic from your kitchen. There are certain things where you have to buy plastic and no other material is practical. In that case too, you should be vigilant. You must check the recycling code and BPA information on those containers. Use glass, aluminum, and steel wherever possible. Copper is good too. Cooper vessels are used to store water. It is pretty healthy. If you can afford silver, then go ahead. Plastic is not reusable, whereas glass bottles can be used again and again. Your kitchen also looks pretty with more glass. Plastic containers lose shine after some time and pose great risk.

Do not be lazy and carry your own bag with yourself when you go shopping. If you take precautions while buying plastic containers, you will reduce the long-term risk. Your family will be spared by the dangerous chemicals in plastic. Replace the plastic as soon as possible if it is damaged, and this time replace it with glass or metal containers.

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