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Mastering the Art of Negotiation

Submitted By: Aaron Thomes in Business Tips category

Negotiation is an art indeed. You are negotiating with the world since that oldest day your memory can go back to. Negotiation is a direct result of a conflict between what we want and what we get. If you are not getting what you are looking at, you probably negotiate and take something else. You probably remember when you were a child, you wanted a video game; you studied hard to get good numbers in the exam, and then your parents might have bought you the game. In this scenario, you negotiated with your parents. You wanted a game and parents wanted a good score in the exam. You had extra time and parents had extra money. Both of you negotiated. You spent your time studying and they spent their money buying you a video game. Well, this is a very rough sketch of negotiation; however, if the emotional attachment set aside, this is how negotiation works. Mastering the art of negotiation is a matter of practice.

You can certainly be good at it. You may wonder why is this so important? Is there really a need to study and dissect the art of negotiation? Well, we agree that people are born with good negotiation skills and mastering those skills is easier said than done. However, once you understand the crux of this art, no one can stop you from becoming a content and successful person.

In your personal life, negotiation saves your life from shattering at times. If you handle complex and difficult situations in you life with utmost care and value the sentiments of the other person, both of you are going to win the situation. You have to strike the balance chord. You should understand what is important, what are the short-term and long-term needs, how much you can lose, how much you really want, and how to fix the priority. Here are some tips you can remember every time you come across a difficult situation.

  • Articulate what you want exactly; it may sound harsh, but clears the mist

  • Compromises have to be done. It is wise to get on a back-foot than going out of race.

  • In personal life, the implications of your decision are wide and long-lasting, so think from other' s perspective as well.

  • If the other person is adamant, make him or her realize your importance in his or her life

They say, the more you write personal, it becomes universal. The ubiquitous law of gravitation was found when the tiny apple was dropped from a tree. It applies to the laws of negotiation as well. Small and petty things teach you the secrets of the greatest deals ever happened. Especially in a company, if you are going to discuss and negotiate with some foreign party, you should know how to negotiate. Here are some of the tips and tricks for mastering the art of negotiation.

  • Decide on what you want and how much less you can afford

  • Prepare documents and presentations to support your demand

  • If the other party is a close partner, balance between the relationship and the affair. Do not let any one of them dominate the other.

  • Check your tone of voice, do not sound too promising, too needy, or too deceptive

  • Avoid the ambiguous words such as may be, I think, probably, possibly, etc.

  • Go for win-win situation. It is your win, if the other party goes with the smiling faces.

  • Always keep an eye on long-term goals and remember when you have to jump, you have to take a step back.

  • Do not think too much about how much the other party is getting from the deal. Focus on your wants and needs.

  • Make a good study of market. It helps you to fix your wants.

  • You never know how much you can get from a deal, so be positive. Ask more and expect no less than the market price.

Negotiation skills help you win many battles. Mastering the art of negotiation is more about learning and observing human beings. Keep studying the human behavior and you will soon understand the hidden motives behind the curtain of disguise. Start decoding the facial expressions and body language of people, for sometimes they speak differently from spoken words.

Finally to conclude, we would say that no matter what people want from you, if you have the ability and the skills, they will convince themselves and trust you more than themselves.

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