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Health Benefits of Cherries

Submitted By: Mojo Nichols in Health Tips category

There are various health benefits of cherries. Cherries contain anthocyanins, which are used by the body in the production of the necessary amino acids. Anthocyanins are known as the antioxidants that protect the body' s cells from aging, damaging, and diseases that are produced due to the effect of nitrogen and UV radiation. These anthocyanins are also known as the anti-inflammatory pain relievers. They suppress the production of COX-2 enzymes and act as a great pain reliever. Cherries thus reduce the risk of cancer and have various health benefits.

Health Benefits of Cherries

Melatonin is another pain reliever present in cherries. It is said to be the COX-2 inhibitor, thus protecting the cells of the body from getting damaged. Melatonin regulates the sleep cycles and thus it gets sold as a natural sleep aid. If the melatonin levels decrease, it can lead to various heart diseases and the cancer rates increase among the night workers. Melatonin is naturally produced by human body in darkness.

The artificial lighting in most of the homes can reduce the production of melatonin in the human body. Hence, the most important health benefit of cherry in this modern day is that it can help your body in production melatonin.

Cherries also contain vitamin C in it. Vitamin C kills the cancer cells and they are also helpful in protecting our body against various other harmful diseases.

Cherries also contain a higher amount of fiber in them. Do not forget that the diet that is rich in fiber will help to reduce the risk of rectal and colon cancer. Fiber rich diet also helps the body to fight against the diseases that can cause harm to the digestive tract.

Cherries are the fruits that have the shortest growing seasons. The whole food supplements are the good option for people to get the benefits from the fruit when it is in season or not. Some of the supplements not only contain cherry, but also contain other fruits, vegetables, and grains in them. Cherries contain a source of beta carotene known as Vitamin A in them. The beta carotene content is 19 times more than strawberries and blueberries.

Cherries also contain a higher amount of vitamin E and vitamin C in it .Apart from that, it also contains iron, folate, magnesium, and fiber in it, which help to fight against various types of diseases. These fruits are also termed as brain food, as they help the brain to become stronger and sharper and helps to prevent memory loss.

It is proved that eating cherries can actually reduce the risk of diabetes. Hence, most of the people who are suffering from diabetes eat cherries to control their sugar level. Apart from diabetes, cherries have other health benefits too. They contain anthocyanins that help to reduce the inflammation and various symptoms of gout and arthritis.

You can improve your body' s digestive health as cherries are a good sources of fiber. For those who are into a weight maintenance program, cherries are the best dessert or snack. As they have the most powerful and anti-inflammatory benefits, they can easily reduce the joint pains and the joint soreness. This is mostly beneficial for athletes and runners, as they have the higher chances of frequent pain in the joints.

Above mentioned are the health benefits of cherries that can keep your body healthy and fit. Cherries can also make your skin look young and radiant. Hence, most of the cosmetic creams contain antioxidants that are helpful for a glowing skin. It is necessary to include cherries or cherry supplements in your diet daily for a healthy tomorrow.

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