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Avoiding Conflict at Workplace

Submitted By: Mojo Nichols in Career Tips category

Workplace conflicts between co-workers are nothing to be amazed of. Employees at the workplace are from different places and with different personal and social beliefs. They all may differ from each other and so may differ in their way of dealing with a situation. However, some of them may act magnets for conflicts. Whenever there is any conflict or an issue, that particular person has to be linked to it. Others have the attitude to manage with any type of conflict that takes place. Whatever is the reason or whoever is involved, conflicts between co-workers are something that spoil the professional environment and decrease the efficiency of the employees. Therefore, avoiding conflict at workplace is necessary.

Avoiding Conflict at Workplace

Follow these steps to avoid conflicts at workplace:

Whenever there is a conflict at the workplace, do not just ignore it thinking that it may get solved on its own. Rather it may create a big gap between two employees or a group of them. If you do not try to solve it, it would never get solved on its own. There is a saying that time fills all gaps, but it need not happen in this case. Even if it may appear that the conflict has come to a dormant stage after a few days, it may get active whenever there is any stress in the working environment. The worst thing about it is that it will hamper you getting active when the situations become worse. So it is very necessary that you solve any such misunderstanding that may grow into a gigantic conflict between your employees.

Being a person for whom each and every employee is the same, you must never try to create any misconception by meeting one person in private and discussing the matter. This may create a misunderstanding in the other employee’s mind that he was neglected or is under estimated. This may actually hurt his ego and self respect. If you will ask each of the employees separately, they will try to convince you that they are at the right path. So you should try to solve the problem rather than acting as a jury.

Often you may think that the persons affected by the conflict are the reasons of the conflict or they are the ones involved in it. Many of the times, the reason of the conflict maybe a third person or mess created by someone else. Moreover, it is not the two people who are affected by the stress created due to the conflict. Other employees who interact with the affected people are also stressed with the situation for the simple reason that men are social beings and the social environment around them has a great effect on their personal and professional lives.

When you try to resolve the problem, your work is not to give a decision in any one person’s favor. You should give time to both of them to tell their part in brief and then just try to manage it together without any supporting any one. Do not let any cross questioning happen between the employees when they are putting their part in front of you.

Advice your employees or better have a training session on this issue if your employees often get into conflicts. Teach them how to use personal courage to avoid conflicts. Training your employees and organizing some get together activities will help to create a good understanding between the employees and finally lead to a better working environment at the work place.

The tips discussed above will help in avoiding conflicts at workplace.

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