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Welcome to the arts tips section. You can checkout the sub-category of arts or just the tips in the arts section.

arts tips In the field of art, sky is the limit! Art lies in the hands of the artist who holds a paint brush in the hand and churns out delightful artistic masterpieces or original art crafts. There is art in how a mother cooks a meal that is incidentally a favorite of her child and there is art in all the beautiful gestures of a dancer performing a beautiful dance. Art is more to do with the skills of the artist and the desire to put more than just a mind. Art can neither be defined nor explained. It can only be elaborated, written about and yes, dwelt on!

It is interesting to note that people are passionate about matters that do not necessarily throw up lot of money. Their art forms appeal to them a great deal and they are keen to learn from a source that comes up with brilliant ideas! There are many out there who want to pursue the art form they are in love with. But really do not know how to begin! Are you among those who have a clearer picture in the mind? Maybe you have ideas for beginners who have just plunged in the field of artistic creativity. You maybe having tips for people on ways to showcase their works in front of the public. It would delight a learner to gather tips from you in such a case. You can put forth your opinions and tips in this website and let the world learn a great deal from you.

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  1. Art Supplies Buying Guide and Tips - Buying good art supplies is very important, because the quality of art materials used, reflects in your paintings. Being an artist is expensive since art materials don’t come cheap. But don’t be disheartened! These days, there is a wide range of art materials in the market that suits every kind of budget. These supplies come in varying quality and price range. So you can choose items that that fit your requirement and budget. Buying art materials will depend on the medium you choose to paint with. But the fundamentals of art supplies are almost the same for different mediums.
  2. Color Mixing Tips - An artist needs to understand colors and mixing of colors in order to be able to paint well, because paintings are about colors and light. Color mixing could be a daunting experience for a novice painting artist. How do you mix colors to get that unique color? What colors to mix to get a certain hue? What is the method of color mixing? These are some questions that come in a mind of a newbie.
  3. Tips on Buying Art - Buying art – paintings, sculptures or prints can be a daunting experience especially for a novice. But the truth is that anyone can purchase and collect art intelligently. You don’t require any experience or qualification to be able to buy good art. You just need to have an eye and the ability to appreciate fine art in order to buy art work. By following the below mentioned guidelines and tips you can become a good collector of art.
  4. Tips on Buying Art Online - Buying art online saves you the trouble of visiting several galleries to buy artwork. Although many websites showcase art works one needs to be careful before buying art online. The main concern that buyers face while buying art online is whether or not the art work is fake or original. Apart from that buyers are concerned if they’re getting the art work for proper price and not paying a high price for the wrong piece of art. These days, you can view multitudes of art work on websites. Many galleries have websites that sell artworks of artists that they showcase. Many artists themselves sell their work online. Also many online shopping sites have a section that sells art. But before you go ahead and take the plunge read the followings tips.
  5. Pencil Sketching Tips - Sketching is usually the first step to a painting or a picture. Pencils are the most commonly used mediums to make a sketch. A pencil sketch or any sketch for that matter is the building block or foundation to a good painting. In many cases, a pencil sketch is the final product that constitutes the complete impression. To be able to create a fine pencil sketch, one should be an ardent observant and be good with the pencil. In this article, we’ll discuss some important pencil sketching tips to help you with your sketch.
  6. Sketching Tips - Sketching is an easy to jot down ideas quickly on you your sketchpad or canvas to use it later. There are many mediums to make a quick sketch, mediums like pencils, charcoal, pastels, water colors and color pencils. But pencils are used most commonly. When an artist comes across an idea he/she quickly makes a record of it in his/her sketchbook lest he forgets about it later. Also, an artist may record on paper, beautiful sceneries that he came across say while traveling, that he would like to paint on canvas later on. But to be able to quickly sketch, artists need to keep some points in mind. Below are some sketching tips which will help an artist to be more prepared.
  7. Tips on Buying and Cleaning Brushes - One of the main essentials of art supplies is a brush. You can’t paint without a brush. You need a brush to apply colors, strokes and give life to your painting. Brushes come in multitudes of varieties and each brush serves a different purpose. Hence it’s important to understand brushes before you buy them.
  8. Tips on Creating Landscape Paintings - Landscape paintings are a means to capture your surroundings and recreate it on canvas. A landscape painting is a portrayal of nature – mountains, trees, valleys, flowers, sea, buildings etc. Landscape paintings are the most popular kind of paintings among artists and art lovers, because unlike abstract paintings, landscape paintings are simply beautiful and are void of any absurd symbols that leaves a viewer guessing what it means. Good paintings always have the viewers in awe of a marvelous piece of art. So how does one create a good landscape painting?
  9. Tips on Kid’s Arts - Art that is, Drawing or Painting is a very useful skill to develop in kids. It helps the child to bring out emotions and creativity and also develops confidence in the child. Teaching children art should be a fun-filled activity. If art is taught to a child in the same mannerism as math, then the child may loose interest quickly and won’t be motivated to continue painting and drawing.
  10. Photography Tips - Photography is a very interesting and a creative medium to express one’s thoughts and feelings. With the advent of digital photography, photography has gained a lot of momentum in terms of career option, hobby and various other commercial purposes. Today almost everyone owns a digital camera which is used for every occasion – traveling, weddings, birthdays etc. Many people even take photography as a serious fulltime career option, while some are just very passionate about photography.
  11. Tips to Create Stained Glass Patterns - These days stained glass paintings have become a craze. You can use this technique to create glass paintings, lamp shades, mirror frames, window hangers, etc. There are basically two types of glass paintings, one in which glass pieces are etched and then stuck to each to each other to create interesting objects like lamp shades and window hangers. The other type of painting is in which paints are used on glass to create a beautiful glass painting. The two pictures given below illustrate the kinds of glass paintings.
  12. Tips on Home Decor - Your home is a place where you spend most of the time and hence you need to put in some effort to make it a peaceful and beautiful haven. It’s very easy to get carried away while planning the decor for your home, thereby turning it into an expensive and horrid affair. Also, sometimes you have no clue as in how to make your home look great and unique. Here are some tips on home décor which will help you through your journey of decorating your home.
  13. Photography Lighting Tips - Photography lighting is an important aspect in photography. The lighting you use can make or break your photograph. Lighting, helps determine the mood of the photograph, whether its playful, dramatic, sad, serious etc. Therefore, there needs to be a proper understanding of the usage of light and darkness in order to be able to take great photographs. There are several photography lighting tips that will help improve every aspect of your photos. Some of these photography lighting tips are listed below.
  14. Interior Decorating Tips - Everyone has to experience decorating the interiors of their homes at one point or the other. Especially when it’s a new house or an apartment, one gets so engrossed and excited about doing up the house. But over a period of time, as life gets mundane, so does our living spaces. To bring in some excitement and change, we provide you with some interior decorating tips.
  15. Tips on Oil Painting - Oil painting is one of the most sought after medium for artists. It’s a very versatile and rewarding medium to paint in. But before you begin painting in oils, read the following tips on oil painting.
  16. Tips on How to Draw People - Learning how to draw people takes a lot of practice and is considered the ultimate challenge by most artists. Before you begin with drawing people, it is advisable to start learning to draw simple objects first. Once you learn the nuances of drawing, you can move ahead and attempt to draw people. Here are some tips on how to draw people.
  17. Tips on Contemporary Art - Contemporary art mostly focus on present. It is of various types, such as oil painting or acrylic painting. Contemporary art may appear from the mixing of oil and acrylic painting, or from the use of photography as an art medium. This art mostly contains the picture of animal, people, landscape, sculpture, picture of sculpture, interior or exterior of the building or geometrical shapes.
  18. Tips on Sculpture Arts - Sculpture art has had an intense effect throughout the ages. This art is mostly used to express the religious belief, decorating homes and the way of remembering dead. Use of this art in parks and home has become more sophisticated nowadays. This is because people want to make their home look more elegant and expressive.
  19. Tips on Painting in Water Colors - Water color painting must seem to be beautiful and surreal. Actually, it is the most difficult painting. It’s really complicated to work with water color as compare to crayons, oil and acrylic. Water colors are one of the most beautiful artistic styles, one based upon layers and layers of diluted colors.
  20. Tips on Wall Art - Wall art has become one of the most important accessories for interior decoration of a home. However once in a while it becomes difficult for people to shop as it comes in large varieties like paintings, wall sculptures, mirrors, wall hangings, wall paints, wallpaper, wall furniture, murals and many others. You can use these items either in your room, lobby, stairwells or hallways.
Showing 1 - 20 tips from a total of 126.

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