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A computer is an essential and integral part of a home and office in today.s world.

computer tips We can not live without a computer and all its myriad merits. Computers have become essential as they have made our lives easier. It is smarter to use MS office installed in the computer and churn out all printed work. Computers are increasingly becoming the norm of the day with internet connectivity shrinking the world all over. Computers are becoming user-friendly, but still pose several challenges. How to fix a hardware problem in the middle of the night? Which software is the best one to be installed? Which brand should be opted while purchasing a desk-tops? Or would a lap-top serve the purpose?

If you have ideas and tips to share about computers, then you can use this site to reveal a great deal of information and let others benefit from it. For those who wish to seek information, this site can be a one-stop solution! In these pages, you will gather valuable information on everything that you wish to know about computers. From solutions and tips on hardware or software, you will find plethora of info here.

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  1. Buying a Computer Laptop - A laptop or a portable computer is the best option to store your information on a small computer. One can even stay portable with that information and that is what gives it an edge above the desk tops. Buying a computer laptop for personal or office use can be problematic as many people have an experience with the desk top but not many have an experience with the laptops. When you go to buy a laptop you must at least have a general idea about how you want the computer to be and also about its configuration .Here are a few components which are found in a computer laptop, tips when considering any of these components, and tips to buy a laptop;
  2. Tips to Buy Computers - It is a tedious task to buy a computer. Usually we tend to get confused between the models and brand etc. Here are a few tips which will provide you sufficient tips to buy computers
  3. Common Computer Problems and Solutions - It is always important that one maintains the computer well. Maintenance of your PC will increase its speed and prevent errors, which will be good for saving your money which you might have to spend on its repair. Proper maintenance of your PC also saves the time which you will have to waste in case of an error. But despite, good maintenance of your PC, a few of the common problems may occur. Here are a few of the common problems and solutions.
  4. Computer Maintenance Tips - Wondering what happened to your dear computer? Why is it not working properly? well, the actual problem is that you bought it with utmost care but forgot to maintain it! Yes, that’s true . Just look at it –have you clogged its vents with files? Is the keyboard dusty? Is everything OK with your mouse? Still clueless? OK what about its speed? Is it still the same as a new computer? Probably you just want the answers and not all these questions. I have enlisted below some of the tips for maintaining your computer’s health which will keep your computer in perfect health.
  5. Computer Virus Protection - Computer viruses are common and are increasing day by day. It brings stress and frustration if your computer gets caught by a virus especially in the workplace where the business gets affected by them. Here are a few symptoms of virus in the computer. And a few steps for the computer virus protection which will make your computer work freely;
  6. Buying Notebook Computers - A laptop or a notebook computer is designed to for the easy use of stored data. A laptop is different from a desk top. It integrates most of the functions of a desktop. Laptops are shaped like thick notebooks. Most of the laptops are designed in a way that they save the screen and the key board when they are closed. Laptops were thought to be catering only a small market which requires operations to be carried out in a mobile manner. But today the laptops have become very popular a lot of business operations are also performed on a laptop. There is a wide market for laptops today. Here is a list of a few tips for buying a notebook computer.
  7. Computer Accessories - In the modern world, computer has become an integral part of our lives. Most of the business operations are performed on computer. Not only computer operations but also personal uses of computer for listening to music, games and watching movies etc has made computer an other member of our families. So it is very important that a computer must have the components which meet our needs. To meet the needs of the user the computer has different accessories such as, storage devices for the memory of the computer, monitor for the graphical representations, scanner, keyboard and printer etc all are a part of the computer accessories.
  8. Computer Trouble Shooting Tips - Computer troubleshooting is a problem solving mechanism used for the maintenance or repair of the products and processes that have failed. Computer troubleshooting is used to systematically search for the root of the problem for an effective solution to follow. Troubleshooting traces the causes of the malfunctioning of the computer processes and eventually their elimination. We provide you guidance on troubleshooting or computer problem solving if you use computers at home or office.
  9. Computer Repair Tips - Most of us hardly know anything about the configuration of our computers. Whenever there is a problem we simply rush to the repair mechanic and have our motherboards ripped apart while we still have no clue what went wrong with the system. Running to the computer mechanic every time can be quite expensive so we are discussing here some of the tips for not-so-big problems.
  10. Computer Hard Drive - Hard Drive or the Hard disk drive is used to store the digitally encoded data on a rapidly rotating disk. It is a non-volatile storage device. It has magnetic surface to store the data. The Hard drives can store much data than the floppy drives, and can transmit faster. With the development of small computers there developed a certain form factor for the Hard disk drives. The desirability of a computer hard drive, that can could fit into the FDD mountings, this affected the form factor of the hard drives. Today the sizes of the hard drive may vary from 8 inch to 0.85 inch. There are other few important characteristics of a hard drive such as, Data transfer rate, Seek time, Power consumption, Audible noise and Shock resistance. Buying a computer hard drive is not easy, a few points are to be kept in mind when you go to purchase a Hard disk drive for your computer.
  11. Basic Computer Software - Most of us are aware of the word ‘software’ as a thing in a computer which enables us to play video games, view websites or make use of power point or word for enabling our tasks. So what precisely is software? Well, software is the general term we use to describe all the things which our computer does for us, this includes programs, procedures and documentation. There are three kinds of software which are also known as basic computer software. These are –programming software, systems software and application software. Let us talk about them one by one.
  12. Securing Computer Information - If you bank or shop online or do your taxes through your computer or if you have some vital information stored on your computer and you use high speed internet connection then beware! Your computer can be attacked by hijackers or anyone viewing your profile. Your computer system can be planted with cookies, spyware and Trojans, so if you want to secure any kind of information that is stored on your computer then read on…
  13. Computer Training - Computer Training The knowledge of computer science and its terminology has become vital for every person. If you are a housewife, a retired person, a student or a professional; gaining computer knowledge will certainly expand your horizon and introduce a new world to you through internet. Thus computer training is required to acquaint you to its terms and even if you are aware of it these courses will surely enhance your performance in your field.
  14. Buying Discount Computers - You are planning to buy a computer for yourself but don’t want it to disturb your budget then go for discount computers. If your need for computer is limited to net surfing, reading mails, preparing school projects then why spend large amount on a new computer? It is always better to go for a discounted computer - that will serve your purpose without leaving holes in your pockets. Buying discount computers is an art that everyone can master by following these tips which will help a first time buyer to confidently bargain for his product.
  15. Tips on Buying Personal Computers - Most of you would be thinking of buying a personal computer but are hesitant to go all by yourself as you feel that you do not have the required knowledge in this field. In fact buying and selling of computer parts can be a lot of fun and earn you profits or save your hard earned money only if you have some knowledge of computers. We are providing here some of the useful tips which you should consider before going out to buy a Pc or a laptop.
  16. Tips on Refurbished Computers - In today’s world where technology is getting advanced day by day, people need new computers to catch up with the trend. They don’t think twice before abandoning a working computer as it has become outdated though it may be just 2-3 years old. Such kind of junk is very harmful for the environment and wastes lot of money—these computers can instead be refurbished.
  17. Buying Wholesale Computers - If you are setting up an office or business and you need lots of computers then ‘wholesale computer’ is a good option for you as you will save a lot of money. Most of the branded computers have become costly especially in terms of memory, motherboard and hard drives - so if you want to buy a new computer for your personal use or business use, then consider gathering wholesale computers. Buying wholesale computer parts will not only be easy on your pocket but you will also have huge profits.
  18. Buying Computer Desktops - If you are looking for a computer desktop then you have two options—you can buy a new one or go for a used one. It is not a bad idea to purchase a used computer as it can save a lot of money but be sure to read these instructions first:
  19. Computer Gaming Tips - Computer gaming is escalating in leaps and bound. Gen-X wants faster, more intriguing computer games and of course super-fast computers to support them. Before you set out to spend your hard-earned cash, you should peep into these handy computer gaming tips.
  20. Online Computer Store - With internet flurrying with abundant information, it is becoming tougher to find the right kind of information. Especially when you want to search for online computer store, finding the right kind of deal for buying computer, that suits your requirement, is like picking a needle from hay. Before you randomly start searching for online computer store, follow this guide to help you organize your search and purchase thereafter.
Showing 1 - 20 tips from a total of 112.

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