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This is a section for health and beauty tips.

A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. To acquire a healthy toned body there should be a perfect combination of exercise and nutrition.

health tips These have been discussed in great detail in this site. Health related aspects such as diseases and symptoms of ailments have also been elaborated her. You may be inquisitive about the right dieting techniques and the perfect work-out regimes that would work. Is power yoga better than aerobics? How effective it is to walk for losing weight? What is size-zero figure and is it healthy to aim at that? How to improve flexibility? Is alternative medical therapy better than conventional allopathy?

If you have ideas and tips related to health, diseases or ailments, you can submit your valuable inputs on this site. These pages are dedicated to all health related fads, exercise options, myths related to health and everything about it.

Here is the list of all health and beauty related tips

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  1. Weight Loss Tips - Some of the common and easy weight loss tips from Chandran.
  2. Fitness Tips - Fitness today is gaining more and more importance as well as an integral part of our lives today. Following correct and apt fitness program is extremely important, since each body type is different from the other so there are various fitness program to be followed as per the requirement.
  3. Beauty Health Tips - An individual can follow a number of Beauty health tips to appear good both internally and externally. Health and beauty require proper care and nourishment at all times. You have to take care of yourself, if you want to maintain good health. Beauty health tips can assist you in remaining healthy in a number of ways.
  4. Health and Safety Tips - Health and safety tips would promote safe and secure living. Safety measures when included properly can help in securing one’s health. Health and safety tips should be followed at all times and under all circumstances. Food safety tips can help prevent many disasters, disasters that are caused when a meal is cooked in haste. A cook must always use cleanliness measures all the time.
  5. Healthy Meal Tips - Eating healthy meal tips ensures proper health, When we eat healthily we can automatically stay fit. Healthy meal tips will ensure that we choose the right food and items, which are considered good for our health. Every one of us wants to stay healthy. To maintain a healthy life, we need a healthy diet too. Without a proper healthy diet we are in turn making wrong choices. You can add a great variety in your healthy diet and enjoy its delicious flavor.
  6. Nutrition Related Tips - Proper nutrition plays a very vital part in our lives,proper nutrition is very important and can give us a number of health benefits. Individuals should consider some nutrition related tips, and maintain a healthy body with good amount of exercise and proper eating habits. With proper nutrition, weight can also be kept in check.
  7. Breakfast Tips - Breakfast tips would help you to start with one of the most important meals, breakfast is an individual’s most important meal of the day. You should never start your day without eating breakfast. If you skip your breakfast, you will compensate for the same by eating extra for lunch. You tend to feel hungrier because your metabolism hasn' t got a kick-start by not eating breakfast. Breakfast tips will help you realize the importance of breakfast.
  8. Hair Health Tips - Maintaining the health of hairs is very important for a good personality. This article shares some tips for healthy hair.Hair is an important part of our personality. It is our hairstyle that gives a distinct identity to our look. Thus hair care is important for everyone irrespective of men, women, or child. Here are some hair health tips that are simple but can help in good maintenance of hair.
  9. Health Care Tips - Here is a set of health care tips useful for everyone, health is wealth, this age old adage will be true for all times to come. Health care tips should be followed by every human being to stay fit, staying fit is important for all and in all stages of life. Young people think that their body does not require any care but this is not true. Our body is a machine that needs constant maintenance in order to keep working. Everyone should follow some health care tips to maintain good health. Here are a few tips that take care of the general well being of our body
  10. Health Tips for Elderly - There is less that we think about the old members of our society. This article gives some tips related to elderly health, as responsible members of our family and society we must understand that elderly people need special care and attention. By elderly we mean anyone who is above 60. This article provides health tips for elderly and senior members of our society.
  11. Heart Health Tips - This article describes a few tips to keep your heart healthy. Heart being an important part of our body it is important to keep it healthy. Our heart is the crux of our life. However this part of the body is so vulnerable to depreciation that one has to be extra careful. According to research every 34 second a person dies of heart attack in US. This article provides some heart health tips that everyone should follow for a long and healthy life.
  12. Kids Health Tips - This article provides some tips important for the health of the kids, kids are vulnerable to various health problems as their body is still growing and taking its final shape. Here are some kid’s health tips that can help prevent some of the general health problem in kids. These tips concern the general well being of children.
  13. Women Health Tips - Women are vulnerable to many physical problems. Here is an article on some good tips to avoid health problem in women, women are more vulnerable and susceptible to diseases than men. It is seen that most women neglect their personal health in the process of striking a balance between their work and personal life. This article aims at providing some women health tips that every female should be aware of.
  14. Skin Health Tips - Healthy skin enhances your beauty. Here are 10 great tips to healthy, healthy skin is central to good looks. Whatever is the complexion and facial feature, a well kept skin enhances your beauty. Skin health tips are crucial to everyone who wants to look attractive.
  15. Health Tips for African Americans - Health tips for African Americans are meant to prevent diseases among African American people. African Americans are more prone to physical illness as compared to Americans. This is why health tips for African Americans should be strictly followed. African Americans indicate those citizens of America whose forefathers came to USA as part of the slave trade and settled down here.
  16. Health Insurance Tips - Tips to buy health care insurance are important in order to procure the best health insurance for yourself. A health insurance is an integral part of financial planning. Health is wealth and thus all of us need to take good care of ourselves and be financially prepared to face health crisis anytime in life. This article will discuss health insurance tips for choosing the best health insurance.
  17. Healthy Mind Tips - A healthy mind along with a healthy body is extremely vital for a happy life. It goes without saying that a constructive mind is a healthy mind and destructive mind is a devils workshop. Every single individual wants to be content and happy throughout their lives. Everyone wants to achieve the perfect balance between a healthy mind and a perfect body. Healthy mind tips will help an individual progress on a positive note.
  18. Health Tips for Teens - Health care tip for teenagers is a set of guidelines for physical and mental health of teenagers. A teenager is always bursting with energy. Looking at the child’s physical and mental energy it’s impossible to believe that teenaged children can face health problems. However, like young and old, teenagers also need health care. Health care tips for teens are targeted at health issues occurring in children of 13 – 19 years.
  19. Children Healthy Eating Tips - Children need to be given attention, where healthy eating habits are concerned. Children tend to be extremely fussy where eating the right food is concerned. Every parent wants their child to eat right and remain healthy throughout their life. Eating healthy food with the combination of nutrients will help in the boosting up of the immune system. Children healthy eating tips will help the parents identify with food which is required by a child.
  20. Exercise Tips - Exercising in a proper manner along with a systematic approach will help one attain a healthy body. Looking and feeling good about oneself has become imperative for every single individual. A healthy body along with a number of other health benefits gives an individual confidence.
Showing 1 - 20 tips from a total of 462.

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